Faqs – Frequently Asked Questions

Please read all frequently asked question before placing bulk order RS 5000 and more.



  • Minimum Order: ₹5,000
  • Damage: No refund, only replacement 
  • Weight Per Box: 15-17kg each
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 business days (Except North East Region)
  • Packing & Shipping are excluded

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to order?

You can place order through our wholesale business website ORDER NOW.

  • How do I place an order?
    • Just choose the product item according to your requirement, then you can check out by clicking on "BUY NOW".
      You need to provide delivery address details, then
      Two options are enabled for checkout on website. 1 – bank transfer, 2 – online payment gateway, You can place order by selecting either option.
      Bank Transfer Option: Once an order is placed, then you make payment through Bank transfer, Google Pay, PayTM, & UPI, etc.
    • For bulk orders: If you have any query regarding placing a bulk order thenyou can text on WhatsApp or call at 7678683231 our team will support you 24*7.
  • Is there any minimum order quantity for each product?
    • We do not have any minimum order quantity restrictions;you can order any product at any quantity no MOQ is required but you need to fulfill a total order value of 3000 Rs and it's our ready stock so we can dispatch it within 24 hours after ordering

2. Shipping, Packaging & Delivery?

We deliver products through the logistic company (Local supplier transports). *Depends upon order value or order quantity.

  • How to calculate shipping charges?
    • We can only estimate the shipping charges until the product boxes get weight by the logistic company.

      Approx Estimate
      For minimum order 3,000
      Shipping charges would be approx. 1000-1200, totally depending upon product weight. (It may vary).

  • What are the shipping options available for large orders?
    • a. We can provide part truck or full truck load for large orders,
      b. Charges: For Part Truck Load
      c. Per Box (Depend upon location)
      d. Charges: For Full Truck Load
      e. We can provide the best rates for the full truck load. (As per location)
  • What are the packaging charges?
    • Regular Packing:
      INR 120/Box (Box weight – 15-17 kg/Box)

      Custom Packing:
      As per order requirement (Thermacol, Bubble Wrap, Papper cutting, Logo etc.)
  • How do you pack and is it secure?
    • We pack items in boxes with dry grass inside to provide extra security.
      Yes, we always try to make packing more secure.
  • How do what are delivery terms?
    • Once an order is confirmed after payment, we dispatch items to the logistic partner company the next day.
      It might take around 5-7 business days for all over India except the northeast regions and some other regions.

3. Payments, Refund, Return

You can pay through various online payment modes also you can find your answers regarding refund and return below

  • How do make payment?
    • Current Account:
      Account Name: EVAYKA CERAMICS
      A/C NO.: 163102000000548
      IFSC: IOBA0001631
      RAHUL SAINI – 8826213310

      Paying through website:
      If you pay through a payment gateway enabled on our website then you have to pay an additional 1.5-2% for a third-party payment gateway provider.
  • Can I cancel the order?
    • Yes, you can cancel your order and get the full amount refunded, but before we pack and dispatched the products.
      We would not be able to cancel the order after dispatch to the logistics partner company.
  • What is the return policy?
    • We are a wholesaler and we do not have enough margin to provide a 100% return policy. These are ceramic products so you might consider 5-10% breakage in delivery in some conditions. (General Terms).
      If parcel boxes have more than 10% damaged products then we will provide 50% replacement worth of those products in your next order.
  • What is the refund policy?
    • As a wholesaler,it is hard to provide refunds for damaged products. However, we always try to compensate for the breakage in terms of replacement in your next order (50% worth of damaged products).
  • What if I get products damaged in delivery?
    • If products get damaged in delivery, then we will provide 50% worth of products for damaged ones in your next order. (No refund, only replacement).
  • What if I found missing products as per order?
    • If you find some missing items then you can contact us at +91-7678683231. The Evayka Ceramics team will confirm the missing item then we will refund the amount for missing products.